why i decided to join booktube

this morning I got to think a bit more about why I decide to start a booktube channel, and I thought I’d share this with you, because I know I’m not the only one who felt scared about making such a big move. also I just want to let everybody know that I’m writing this while listening to Folklore, so I’m going through many emotions. it’s fine.

I started being part of the online book community when I discovered goodreads in 2014, same year I discovered booktube. I then stumbled upon bookstagram and fell in love. it felt like the perfect place for me, and as of today it’s still one of my absolute favourite social media. I’m very passionate about photography (which doesn’t mean I think I’m a pro) and I find taking pictures of books extremely relaxing. but I started feeling limited when it comes to how much I was able to share in one caption, so I created this blog in 2017. a year and a half later, in december 2018, I decided to make the big jump to booktube. it was scary.

you all know that this blog isn’t my main platform. bookstagram is. it’s where I post the most. I love sharing my life on insta story, but I also love posting daily. but what both my instagram and blog have in common, is that they’re not the right medium (for me) when it comes to sharing my reading experience. I love rambling about my books when I’m reading them, and I needed to be able to share this process. I fell in love booktube because of reading vlogs, and I’d always wanted to make my own.

now if you count correctly, you might realise that it took me 4 years between the time I discovered booktube and the moment I decided to join. the reason is pretty simple. I didn’t feel good enough. I make all my content in english throughout my different platforms, and the truth is I thought I’d be judged for not being ‘perfect’. I did not feel good enough, I did not feel confident enough, I did not feel enough. I saw all these people being loud and excited and smart…and simply did not feel like I could match the quality of their content. also I think you’ve realised that I’m not loud. I’m a pretty quiet person. and so I did not feel like booktube necessarily fitted me.

well, I’m here to tell you that it’s up to you to create your own space and change the criteria. ask most people on booktube, and they’ll tell you that when they first joined they decided to be loud even if it didn’t fit them just because everybody else was. it took them years to realise they could be themselves. booktube has changed throughout the years, it’s become less homogeneous. quiet people have their place here as well. I realised that not only did I love creating quiet reading vlogs, but that people liked to watch them.

joining booktube also improved my confidence. creating videos in a language that isn’t your mother tongue is challenging, but the magic of youtube is that you can make all the mistakes you want and edit them later on. and the more you create videos, the less you find that you have to edit your mistakes, because you gain confidence and fluidity. also, you’re allowed to make mistakes and not edit them. you’re making videos in a language that is not your mother tongue, how cool is that????? if you feel like youtube could be a medium you’d like to explore, then do it. it’s exciting to figure out how to edit videos, it’s a new skill!

I also love the community I’m part of on booktube. I’m surrounded by kind and talented people, and it’s always nice to have a little support system. surround yourself with good people, good friends, support them, show them love. booktube can be scary, but being part of a community makes it a little bit easier. don’t stay isolated ♡

that’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day 🌿

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