thoughts on what i read in june 2020

I can’t believe I’m writing this wrap up in August…things got a bit wild with my moving preparations and I stopped taking care of my blog, which hopeful won’t happen again in the future. looking back on the books I got to read in June, it’s clear to me I had a pretty good month! so let’s get all my brain cells to work and review the 14 books I read!

All Boys Aren’t Blue, by George M. Johnson — 4 ✰

once you start reading this book, I promise you you won’t want to stop until you’re done. it’s raw and hard to read at times, but it’s honest, it’s important, it’s someone’s reality. I think about the queer Black kids who will get their hands on this book and feel seen, feel understood, and this makes me so happy. it’s deeply honest.

trigger warnings for: trauma, grief, sexual assault, death of loved ones

thank you and Farrar, Straus and Giroux for the audio listening copy

Clap When You Land, by Elizabeth Acevedo — 4.5 ✰

do you ever just finish a book and get this intense urge to hug yourself? that’s how this book made me feel. this is such a beautiful stories about two sisters trying to understand what it means for them to have lost their father but found each other. it was raw and intense; it was important.

The Fever King, by Victoria Lee — 5 ✰ (reread)

this is one of the very first books that made me feel so loved as both a queer and jewish person. and the fact that this book is about fighting for justice? yes please. it’s not one of my all time favourite series for nothing. I read it as an audiobook and the narrator was 10/10 would recommend!

Felix Ever After, by Kacen Callender — 4.5 ✰

I realise that this book isn’t going to be for everybody, because Felix fucks up more than once, but I remember how I was at 17, and I was the queen of fucking things up. putting teenagers on a pedestal isn’t realistic. Felix is still figuring out his identity while being deadnamed and harassed, and yes he doesn’t react in the most logical way or a way that won’t get other people hurt, but to me this is a realistic representation of what it’s like being a teenager and being scared and hurt. it’s not the way everybody would have dealt with things, but it was interesting to see how Felix evolved all throughout the book and realised what he was doing and what it meant.
I think it’s an important book. Felix realises that his identity isn’t maybe exactly what he thought it was and it’s okay, it’s okay to still have things to figure out. yes this book is hard to read at times, but it was so hopeful.

trigger warnings: transphobia, misgendering, deadnaming, homophobia, racism

The Extraordinaries, by T.J. Klune — 5 ✰

I have many feelings, the first one being: TJ Klune is an absolute gift for this world. I’m honestly so happy he’s coming to the dark side of the force (YA) because it means more people will be able to discover his books and see how talented he is, and we stan:) my second feeling is: I’d give my life for Nick and Seth (and can I please kick Rebecca Firestone in the face?)

okay, let’s be serious. this book was the funniest thing I’ve read in a very long time (I’m talking about full belly laugh) while still talking about serious matters, such as death of a parent, grief, living with a disorder and, you know, saving the world:) I fell in love with it right from the start. Nick is such a lovable character even when he’s being annoying, and his entire group of friends made my heart melt. I’m so so very excited for the rest of the trilogy!!!!!!

thank you and Tor Teen for the audio listening copy and the e-arc

Red, White & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston — 5 ✰ (reread)

a few months ago, because I was craving a reread, I wrote a love letter to this book. and here I am, reread done. go after your dreams, kids;)
but also, I need to punch someone in the face because I have too many feelings when it comes to Henry and Alex, who volunteers? sorry if you were expecting something coherent and detailed:))))))

The Babysitter, by Jack Harbon — 3.5 ✰

it’s pure smut, but hypothetically, you know just wondering, can I have a full novel about Hayden and Victor? thanks:)

Hold Me, by Courtney Milan — 4.5 ✰

this book had so much heart. I loved seeing Jay and Maria’s relationship develop from hate-at-first-sight to maybe-you’re-my-enough. I also loved how queer and diverse this book was while being a m/f romance, because Maria is a trans latinx woman, and Jay is half-Thai/Chinese and bisexual, and just yes to normalising queer people being in a m/f relationship, JUST YES.
Jay and Maria have such a deep trust in the other, Jay understands Maria and her insecurities and he just trusts her and has faith in her *heart eyes* it was so good!

The Starless Sea, by Erin Morgenstern — 5 ✰

I finished the book in tears and then hugged it for ten minutes. everything’s fine:) also yes I’m very bad at talking about my favourite books. words what? don’t know them. what I can say is that this book is 90% of being confused, but it personally got me so intrigued and made me want to read even more!

The Wicker King, by K. Ancrum — 5 ✰ (reread)

I cannot believe I did not give this book 5 stars the first time I read. it absolutely broke me. it took my heart right out of my chest and said, ‘from now on it’s mine.’ this book is dark and heartbreaking, but you can’t ignore the hope at the very core of it. I will forever love Jack, August & Rina with my entire heart.

The Legend of the Golden Raven, by K. Ancrum — 4 ✰

I simply loved seeing the story through Jack’s eyes! and the mix of the main story line with the fairytale like story was so well done! I have so so so much love for Jack, and getting to read about his feelings made me love him even more!

Take a Hint, Dani Brown, by Talia Hibbert — 4.25 ✰

this book was absolutely adorable. it was like a hug! Zafir and Dani had such a lovely friendship, and seeing it evolve into something more made me both happy and a tiny bit anxious for the drama that was bound to happen, but happy is the primary feeling!

I love it when a book shows a queer person being in a f/m relationship, because I think it’s important to show that queer people are valid in their identity no matter the relationship they’re in. Dani being bi and talking about it with Zaf was 10/10!

also, Zafir saying ‘we don’t want you here’ to toxic masculinity, being open about his anxiety and clinal depression, yes please! not only was he the sweetest, grumpiest man, but he was also so open about his feelings, and that’s something I absolutely loved!

Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope, by Karamo Brown — 4.25 ✰

I fell in love with Queer Eye this month, watched the 5 seasons one after the other, and what struck me about Karamo is how bright and warm he is. he makes people feel better, actively feel better, and this is how this book made me feel. hearing him being so open and honest about his past, his mistakes, his victories, how he got to be apart of Queer Eye; it was all so interesting!

I think the audiobook is such a nice way to experience this memoir, because it truly feels as if you’re having a conversation with Karamo, as he’s the one narrating it. it felt like I was having an authentic conversation

Say Her Name, by Zetta Elliot — 4 ✰

this small poetry collection made me happy, sad, and angry at the same time. it touched me in a way only poetry does. not only does it talk about police brutality against Black people, but it also deals with the violence queer Black women experience on a daily basis.
I loved that the author took the time at the end to explain all the different references she used in her poems, it made some of them even more impactful!

and finally for the statistics: this month I read 4 273 pages, 14 books, my average rating is 4.46, and my average pages per book is 340!

that’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day 🌿

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  1. There are soo many books I want to read on this list! Red, White and Royal Blue, All Boys Aren’t Blue and Felix Ever After are at the top of my TBR! I’m glad you liked them! I’ve heard great things about The Fever King too! Great post!

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