Dragons & Tea Book Club | April Pick

hello everybody! I hope this post finds you doing well, I hope you’re taking care of yourself, social distancing like a pro (if you can) and not putting too much pressure on yourself. this month we decided to read something that would be accessible to everybody, and we hope you’ll have a good time!

if you feel like reading with us, you can join on our Goodreads Group, and share your feelings and thoughts as the readalong goes!

you can also find us on Instagram and Twitter, and use the hashtag #DragonsAndTeaBookClub ♡

we are pleased to announce that our April pick is:

Always Human, by Ari North
(you can read it on webtoon here)

the dates & breakdowns:
April 6th: #1 – #17
April 7th: #18 – #34
April 8th: #35 – #51
April 9th: #52 – #68
April 10th: #69 – end

content and trigger warnings:
eating disorder & discussion of body image
(thank you Silvia for the description!)

if you want to find Maëlys, Amy, Melanie and I on our different platforms have a look here:

Maëlys: booktube | twitter | goodreads
Amybooktube | twitter | goodreads | bookstagram
Melaniebooktube | twitter | goodreads | bookstagram
Romiebooktube | twitter | goodreads | bookstagram

that’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day 🌿


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