thoughts on what i read in october 2019

hello friends! I’m back today, as you can clearly see from the title, to talk about the books I’ve read during the spooky month of October! and try to give you my thoughts and feelings!

Evidence of the Affair, by Taylor Jenkins Reid — 4 ✰

I read this one very quickly during an extremely boring class. there, I said it. my bad. your education is important, kids. don’t do like me. but anyway, more about this book. can I just say that it completely broke my heart? I loved that we got to learn about these characters through their letters! I think it’s a very smart way to make us care about our main characters in such a short amount of pages! we got to learn about their hopes, dreams, and fears. I would have loved a longer book, even if it stayed epistolary. but I appreciate the way this book made me feel so quickly.

Lair of Dreams, by Libba Bray — 4.25 ✰

this one took me a looooog time to read. basically I started it in September for the Diviners readalong and yeah let’s just say that I did not manage to read with everybody else. I failed. I moved on. I finished it very quickly in October, pretty much reading the last 300 pages in 4 days. because I was scared to be too late for the third book. well, I didn’t manage to finish the third book in October, so go me I guess. when it comes to this book, I’d say you don’t have to be scared of being stuck in your dreams/nightmares. maybe you shouldn’t read it at night. it’s not that it’s necessarily scary, at least it wasn’t for this, but it has a very cold atmosphere. you know something bad is coming, and you can’t help it. I loved knowing more about our characters, I found myself more and more invested in their lives. I can’t wait to read more of Before the Devil Breaks You!

Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight, by Alyssa Cole — 3.75 ✰

I’d been hearing about this author for so long, that when I was recommended this novella by her when I asked for historical romance recs, I just had to jump on the occasion. and I had such a good time? I am not a huge historical romance reader, but I want read more, I want to learn more about this genre and read about ridiculous (in a good way) romances that will never happen to me (duh, I don’t like in the middle age). I just want a good time. and that’s what this book gave me. I loved that it took place in Scotland, I loved that we were given a historical romance following a woman of colour, and the romance *screams* so short but so freaking enjoyable. huh. now I want to read more by Alyssa Cole, so I guess this novella did its job well.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling — 5 ✰

do I really need to tell you why I love this book? or is it obvious? I mean, it’s no perfect by any mean, duh. J.K.’s hatred of Slytherins? can go choke. I’ll forever be talking about how much the Slytherin house deserves more love, more recognition, and basically more respect. just because a grown woman decided to be a bitch to 11yo kids? doesn’t mean you should take her opinion into account. I mean, Snape did the same and he’s a total ass (it’s a fact, not an opinion). anyway, my rating is based on nostalgia, but also, I can’t lie, it’s a very good middle grade book. can’t to go on with my reread of the series and see how I feel!

Making Friends, by Kristen Gudsnuk — 3.5 ✰

not gonna lie, the beginning of this graphic novel had me worried for a good second. the art style is super cute, but what I thought would be a cute contemporary turned out to be kinda fantasy? and that wasn’t really what I was in for, but in the end it still turned out to be cute, and it had a good message about friendship. not my favourite graphic novel, but I’d still recommend it if you’re in a mood to read something about trying to make friends and discovering about your own worth.

The Stranger, by Katherine Mansfield — 2 ✰

I read this one for my British Lit class and hummmmmm I did not like it. I found it incredibly boring. I also needed to read an analysis to understand what it even was about. which, honestly, isn’t that great when you want people to read your work (or when you’re a teacher and you want your students to actually care about what they’re reading). this short story got me feeling meh. basically. but I have to say that I quite liked how this story portrays a woman trying to be her own person, not her husband’s.

Le Manoir des Sorcelage, by Marie Alhinho — 4 ✰

okay but, if you can read French, please please please, read this one. it was adorable. and a bit spooky, just what I needed for spooky month. I loved that it focused on these teenagers practising wicca (is this how you say it in English??????? I have doubts). but it’s the perfect book to read when it’s starting to be cold outside, when you’re all cosy with a cup of coffee. it’s a book about friendship and loving yourself. I want more middle grade books like this one!

An Indiscreet Journey, by Katherine Mansfield — 2.5 ✰

did I have to read this short story twice to understand what it was about? yes. this was so underwhelming it hurt my soul. the first time I read it I think I was just too tired to get anything. but the second time I had hopes, my dudes. real hopes. but it just let me down so bad. who allowed this ending? b-o-r-i-n-g.

Ruckus, by L.J. Shen — 3.5 ✰

I always have so much fun when I read these books, like genuine fun! it’s just so dramatic and different from my life! huh, just a lot of fun. but this one also had its serious moments, I tried very hard not to cry near the end. it’s really a series that I find myself reading when I need something enjoyable to read, something that is far from my reality, but also something that will make me root for its characters, and it did!

Dewdrop, by Katie O’Neill — 4 ✰ (e-arc)

oh my gosh this little (like very little) graphic novel was absolutely adorable and wholesome! it’s completely what you need to read if you’re feeling a bit low; if you need a little reminder that giving your personal best is all you can do, that comparing yourself to other people will bring nothing. it’s just such a pure story. even just the art style makes this story worth the read. there’s not much else to say, it’s 40 pages of happiness and loveliness.

The Girl from the Well, by Rin Chupeco — 4.25 ✰

this was honestly one of the scariest books I’ve read in my entire life. scarily scary. I read this one for a friend’s book club, the Dragons and Tea book club, and damn boi was it good but also gave me nightmares. I kid you not. which technically made it perfect for spooky month. maybe a bit too scary at times. the fact that this book is inspired by a real Japanese ghost story, and that it has elements from horrible things that happened in Japan … this made it ten times scarier. I recommend this book, but please know it’s extremely violent.

Born, Darkly, by Trisha Wolfe — 3.5 ✰

I read a historical AND a dark romance the same month? who am I? but also … I feel so extremely dirty for having enjoyed this book this much? I don’t know, it was just so out of my comfort zone but also so addicting! I simply could not stop reading, the mystery aspect made it so hard to put down! there were so many twists, some that completely took me by surprise! I shouldn’t be so invested in this romance between a serial killer and his psychologist, and yeeeeeeeeet I want to read the sequel now.

now for some stats! in October, I read 12 books, 2 564 pages, my average rating is of 3.68 and my average pages per book is 214 (a bit less than what I usually do, but October was a busy months and short books were my friends!)

That’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day 🌿


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