a week in booktube #1

As you might know if you’ve read my last post, I decided to create a booktube channel, and I though it would be great to do this type of post once a week, on Sunday, to make a brief recap of what I’ve uploaded. Maybe it’s more for me than for you. But making these makes me happy, so let’s do it:)

For my first week of booktube, I’ve uploaded two videos: one late Thursday, and one this morning at 10am. I’m thinking of uploading maybe three videos every week for the first few months, because creating content regularly is really important I think at the beginning. So I’m thinking maybe two vlogs and one ‘real’ bookish videos at home filmed with my Nikon. I’m excited!

I really want to post a vlog every Sunday morning, because that’s personally what I like to watch during my weekends, I think they’re relaxing and yeah, I’m first and foremost doing this for myself. I want to create the content I like.

If you have any ideas or requests, please let me know in the comments, I’d more than happy to talk to you guys about this new experience!

That’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day guys 🌻



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