Why I love listening to audiobooks

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I started my second year of university a few weeks back, and I finally understand what not having time to read means. I truly do. And it sucks like nothing else. As I’m an English major, I actually read a lot, just not for my own pleasure, and even finding the time to read the mandatory books is quite hard. Life is just busy and I’m trying my hardest to deal with it.

There truly is a difference between reading a book for your British Lit class and reading a book because damn you’ve been excited about it since the day it’s been announced and now it’s finally out and you want to get to it asap. And not actually having the time to read the books I’m excited about is hard on my mental health, because I feel like there is no time for me.

That’s where audiobooks come into the game. I’ve started listening to them this Summer, and it’s been an epiphany. Audiobooks are absolutely amazing when you spend a lot of time in the commute, they’re perfect! But also, like, it means I don’t have to bring a book with me in my bag with all the other stuff I need for uni and that is so much better! Because every single day, I have to take with me my laptop, my water bottle, a notebook, a pencil case, my lunch, my different keys, my extra phone battery and my headphones. It’s a lot, so not having to bring a book with me makes it easier.

Every single day, I spend between 2 and 3 hours on my commute to and from university. That’s a lot of time I could potentially read. The thing is, I can read while on the train, but in the metro? Nope nope, not even in my wildest dreams. The Parisian metro is always crowded, so now that I just have to put my headphones on and listen to my book? It’s perfect.

What I also love about audiobooks, is the fact that you can listen to them at the speed you’re the most comfortable with. I started, probably like everybody else, at 1, but then I felt like I could listen to my book a bit quicker and I found out that the speed I’m most comfortable with is 1.8. I also found out what kind of books I don’t like to listen to, and I cannot listen to plays, I just cannot focus and remember who is who. But for everything else? Perfection.

I personally use Scribd to listen to my audiobooks, and although I really love this app for the price, I’d like to point out that you don’t have access to an unlimited number of audiobooks. If like me you listen to your audiobook around 2-3 hours a day, soon you’ll find out that some books have been taken away from you and you’ll only be able to listen to them on your next payment. It’s still a lot of books, but when the book you really want to listen to has been put as unavailable, it sucks. But yeah, that’s the only negative point for Scribd, otherwise they have so many new releases I’m shook.

That’s it for today, I’ll see you soon, have a nice day guys 🌻

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